five years ago we promised each other what could have been forever


dear ____,

a few days ago I walked past the restaurant in capocesto we dined at many years ago in a company of friends under the summer sky. maybe there were many stars up there that night but I don’t remember. I don’t even remember what we ordered or what we drank. what I do remember is that we sat side by side, our elbows touching and we were chatting constantly. asking endless questions, babbling. our friend begged us to shut the fuck up. he would buy us anything we wanted if we managed to keep quiet for a whole hour. we were young, we were kids. our eyes widened at the idea of having anything we wanted. so we kept quiet for the entire time; ignoring everyone else’s questions and provocations for once. we won that bet that summer. and then many others. but that was the first time I thought we make such a nice team. I was nine, ten maybe. you, three years older.

in a way we make that same team today. but things are different. even though we are still friends; the careless feeling of being a child is long gone. I saw you this summer for the first time in two years. as individuals we haven’t changed that much. four years times two. two years ago we promised that would never happen again but life keeps taking us each on a separate path. I guess that’s fine. but that summer, I think of it the most. of all our memories the summer we spent sailing the adriatic sea is my favorite. my favorite summer of them all.

currently I am sitting on the top terrace in my house; looking at the dark bay. and I keep thinking in some other universe you could have been here with me. the truth is, I am okay with the way things are. I just hope we will never lose each other the way some friends do. maybe I am an idealist but I think our differences is what makes us strong. morcheeba is keeping me company tonight. and there is nothing else I wish for.

until next time.

signed oscar wilde.

September 27, 2011