four seven seven

nothing much on my mind right now, but I still feel like writing.

I’m reading the social network screen script and listening to the soundtrack and it’s basically as if I am watching the movie. my imagination is enough.

I walked around a lot, I sat on the pier at star ferry, opened my chinese books and studied while the sky slowly changed into darkness.

we had dinner a turkish restaurant. there’s nothing like the taste of mediterranean cuisine. pita bread, spinach cheese pies, roasted lamb and stuffed wine leaves. I miss home.

I’m trying to work on my own film/book, but I keep getting distracted. it’s strange not having to study so I’m occupying myself with the SAT prep tests and chinese characters. I’ve never been so determined.

it feels good. but I still feel the greatest part is missing, I thought I had it.

November 25, 2010