half the man she used to be


I am buried in books. endless reading lists, photography magazines, chinese textbooks, exercise books, notebooks, journals, dictionaries, historical nonfiction and other publications. I am doing a lot of research these days having to complete more than half a dozen of long essays in the next few weeks. the upcoming holidays are actually no holidays at all. I have watched a few films during the weekend although my time was limited. nevertheless I’ve enjoyed law abiding citizen more than other people. it reminded me of fight club. sort of like, fight club: ten years later. also I have brought home my old time favorite film, which I have watched countless times when I was a kid — the parent trap. I cannot wait to watch it again, I think that’s where my obsession with twins started in the first place.

I am listening to nirvana. after so many months. it seems all these old favorites of mine are coming back to me, starting with bands from the post punk wave of the 80s in UK all the way to seattle and their influence on the world. it’s been so long since I have last read heavier than heaven. that book used to be my bible. it still probably is but I have forgotten most of the words and passages, which I used to know by heart. I can’t even remember that quote about dying at the end of it all even though it used to be important. but I still think people don’t change. not really.

last day of november. seriously. didn’t I tell you to slow down?