he broke into my heart

sometimes when I sleep over at his place, I wake up early because I am the responsible one and have things to do. this morning I made sure he was warm; I tucked him in. I allowed myself to stay still for another two or three minutes even though the clock was ticking. just looking at him, watching him sleep. the quiet breathing, his eyes flickering beneath the eyelids; dreaming, perhaps. I touched his face, his lips, drawing lines on his forehead and brushing his eyebrows neat. he never wakes up but he did press his cheek against my palm. I wished to crawl under his skin and stay there indefinitely. not have to leave the warmth, not have to go to work, not have to deal with the outside world. but for once at least we stayed at home, just listening to music and nodding off. sleeping next to you the whole night was a little like balsam to my tired soul. but there’s still so many things I would like to say to you and I don’t know how.

crazy/beautiful. who is who in our case?

17 :: 366

January 17, 2012