he had me at hello

finally something new. my favorite twins from holland have stopped by in hong kong for the weekend on their way home to melbourne. the two of them, almost identical, and another guy. dutch, no name. there was a click when we first saw each other. we went for a coffee, dinner, walks around soho, a couple of drinks at a bar and then almost the whole night on the roof of the IFC. I’ve missed meeting new people. it was spontaneous, free and completely unforced. lots of chemistry and laughing. swearing in italian and yelling in cantonese, immitating the old ladies. we flirted in french, talked about their long fingers. he understood. analogy of shoes and what they reveal about a person. you’re so hardcore and different. you want me to start crying? it’s been such a long time since I’ve met somebody so intelligent and with a similar sense of humor. we just fit, from the first moment. from the first joke. baby steps. I cannot stop thinking about the way my fingers felt on his back.

I wish you could see the potential, the potential of you and me. but I think last night it was obvious to everyone.