hello july



morning routines; two cups of coffee with milk, daily news, favorite tunes and sunny weather.

this week has been a mixture of good and bad, but mostly it has been productive. my day job is keeping me busy, but this week was significant because of something else: I made my first dollars by freelance writing. I have had a few articles and reviews published in print and online, but they were always pro bono. as much as I didn’t mind not getting actually paid for any of the writing; getting paid is so, so much better. I have been thinking for a long time, and perhaps, it’s time to turn enjoythewait into something more lucrative than what it has been until now. but, having said that, this space is still a little brainchild of mine that I am proud of more than anything else I have ever done. having a couple of hundred readers every day and mostly positive feedback just gives me a reason to continue and take it seriously. times have changed a long time ago. being a blogger is considered an actual profession. crazy!

on a different note, hong kong celebrated its independence day on the first the day of the month, if you can call it that, along with canada on the same day. I kept thinking of this night. it’s difficult to put into words how much the things have remained the same, but also how much they have changed. this month is definitely going to be a sad one; my beloved joyce is not here is shutting down due to high rent increase. the city is becoming infamous for the ridiculous, government-controlled rent increases. around here, the line between legal and illegal is becoming shadowier and shadowier each day. sometimes it’s scary really.

this month I am looking forward to a couple of days off on a beach, monsters university and a hopeful return of filmmaker. hong kong feels emptier when he’s not around.