listening to jack johnson’s en concert album. after so many months. beautiful memories inside each song. but I am not feeling nostalgic; I am at peace with everything. finally. it’s march. usually I’d be looking forward to a trip somewhere at the end of the month (new zealand, vietnam, cambodia). but this year everything is different and I have to find other ways how to keep myself from drowning in the daily ocean of annoyances.

at the moment, writing is the only thing that keeps me from going completely insane. and nights filled with films, one after another. and a bottle of red wine, preferably merlot. during the day everything seems uglier, less attractive. my mind wanders. I can’t keep a single thought still. but every single one is directed towards canada. I’m hoping to shit everything will work out. there’s a nice contrast between me trying to sound poetic and religious.

the above frames are mostly inspired by amanda’s twelve project. I barely edited; I only adjusted the levels of darkness a little to make the frames look warmer. our apartment glows with a strange yellow light.