hong kong’s yardbird


image courtesy of Yardbird

yardbird. the yardbird. this place has become one of the most talked about places in hong kong. opened relatively recently (who am I kidding, two years ago, which is a lifetime for a restaurant in hong kong and in the meantime, they also managed to open its sister bar), yardbird took over soho/sheung wan with a boom. nobody expected it, but everybody loves it. to be honest, that’s how long I’ve been sitting on this review. I kind of always knew that if I start writing reviews for enjoythewait.org, yardbird will be the first one out there. it’s exceptional like that.

specializing in japanese food and whiskey, yardbird quickly became hong kong’s gem. it’s easy going, with great music and atmosphere. incredible food and beverages. even the most classic concoctions like gin & tonic have a special kick. william’s gin with cucumber and a little of pepper, anyone? when I get a little bit hungry from all that drinking, I always order the same: chicken skewers (the breast, the heart, the liver, the neck, the thigh!) and the-richest-in-taste cauliflower you’ve ever had, also know as KFC korean fried cauliflower. fried and topped with sesame seeds, it is my favorite side dish. they add a splash of lime to almost everything, which appeals to my mediterranean tastebuds with such ease, it makes me feel at home. unfortunately, I am not much of a whiskey drinker (oh, the irony), and cannot speak from extensive experience, however, from what I do remember, blended akashi ‘white oak’ is worth a try. but apart from that, what they’ve got on the menu will please any and all whiskey fanatics.

yardbird sounds almost too good to be true. and it is. because on top of all of that; the perfect location, cuisine, beverages and choices in tunes to accompany your dinner, yardbird has the best staff in all of hong kong. top quality service: friendly, funny, fast. sometimes I think the boys at yardbird are the only real reason I go there. and they are all handsome, too. busted. with prices a little bit out of reach for college students, perhaps it is more of a once-month kind of place. but despite that, you will always want to come back.

thanks abu and the gang for the hospitality the other night. y’all know how to take care of a girl when she’s solo for the evening. go check them out yourselves. the boys’ll make you laugh: 33-35 BRIDGES STREET, SHEUNG WAN, HONG KONG. opened mon-sat 6pm until late. no reservations.

June 28, 2013