i actually don’t miss you at all

I’m sitting on the balcony right now, with the laptop on my lap, enjoying the perfect view of hong kong island at night. I’ve had a really great day with dad today. vietnamese phở for lunch, frozen yogurt and I watched the social network for the second time. still equally impressed, even more more obsessed about it. then I walked around, had a cup of coffee and just admired that time of the day when the sky seems to be darker every time you look up. I’m working on my story, trying to develop it, but I’m just frustrated with it. the characters seem so lifeless, I feel like I know too much about them. they are too much like myself and I hate that.

on the other hand, last night was spent with mom. I stayed in, we watched it’s complicated with two big bowls of popcorn and one of our edible arrangements. it’s been a really long time since we have done this last time. maybe you were right. maybe not. I still don’t believe you understand the concept of happiness, but honestly, it’s not really my problem. you’ll get there one day. I stayed up until six in the morning, watched the original wall street from 1987. the original is the original. the rest of the night was just me and barney. I’m halfway through season 2 I’m thinking I might finish it tonight.

freedom feels amazing.