i can hear the silence

i find it hard to believe that it’s already december. december. can you believe it? i also find myself to be in a sort of opposite situation than i’ve been last year. i don’t want this year to end. if it just could keep going on as 2008 forever. but then i would never find out what lies ahead of me. of course of course. i know. it cannot keep going on forever. soon it will be 2009. i know i know. i am glad it’s like that. but just for a second i had to allow myself to wish it was differently.

it’s been a while since i last walked aimlessly the streets of hong kong. but since i have holidays now and school doesn’t start till february there will be plenty of time for me to walk around. there are many things i am planning to do. hopefully this year i am more motivated than last year. also i am putting together a list of eighteen things to do before i turn eighteen.

+ buy a new macbook
+ buy a new camera
+ finish writing the story of five people
+ read anna karenina and war and peace
+ watch all wim wenders films
+ eat peking duck (the one from a street shop, not in a five star hotel)
+ see a perfomace of cantonese opera
+ master mahjong
+ attend horse racing
+ see a comedy show in hong kong
+ go to hong kong heritage museum
+ go to hong kong film archive
+ ride a kai-to
+ ride all the stations of mtr and take a photo of each of them
+ visit shek o and hong kong gold coast
+ finish reading hong kong history
+ visit the united states
+ visit another asian country

i think i might start with the story.