I like it


I divide my time into weeks and weekends. On a daily basis, there’s nothing between nine am and six pm that would be worth writing about. I belong to the working class once again, full-time commitment, too. Summer is definitely, hundred percent over. And I am okay with it. I am okay with the fact that I am going to spend the next couple of months at work, and on the way to and from. In fact, I like it.

I treasure my time now. I think and consider what I would like to do next, and anything that does not interest me or create sparks in my eyes gets tossed aside. Until forever. I used to feel guilty about never getting around to doing some things, now I do not. I can do anything but not everything.

If there’s one thing I could tell my frightened twenty-year-old self, I would say: It gets better.

I like my life now. I like my new flat. I like my new job. I like my new friends. I like my old friends. I like Prague. I like my coffee every morning. I like the coffee machine at the office. I like the old restaurant my new friend and I frequent every day for lunch. I like the simplicity of my new life. I like everything. Because I am in transit and none of this is permanent.

In order to be content, you need to take the leap. Go on. Jump. Be free.