i should write these more often

things I am grateful for today.

+ the air of late afternoons while walking down the streets of the south hollywood neighborhood.

+ random stranger greeting me, but not in a creepy, sad and disturbing way. it was a pleasant change today and it made me smile. thank you, whoever you were.

+ a huge cup of cappuccino at pacific coffee. I am beginning to frequent that coffee place more and more these days and I don’t mind. moby dick will have to live with it.

+ 我的父母. I am not sure ever told you, but I am proud of you. truly proud. the same way I am hoping you’ll be proud of me one day.

+ a hot bowl of Japanese soup with potato cakes. I should have dinner more often there and there’s nothing wrong sitting alone at the table. (unless you ask the italians)

+ Baileys. enough said.

things which upset me today.

+ Haiti. I am speechless.

+ continuous headache, which still hasn’t faded away. but I am used to it, I suppose.

January 14, 2010