i’m under your curse now, but i call it a compromise

the other night after I got home from the manchester united bar, I sat on my bed, ate my dinner at four in the morning and listened to morcheeba on repeat. morcheeba. to explain the significance of this band in my life is almost impossible. it all has something to do with that summer five years ago, the fire in front of us and getting drunk for the first time, of course. every time it blows my mind the way memories have remained preserved in otherwise and slowdown, or rome wasn’t built in a day. an entire summer, a whole chapter of my life can be found in a couple of songs. and it was him who introduced me to the band in the first place. who else? I thought it was all starting to fade away, but it hasn’t.

and then there’s nick cave and the bad seeds. I never actually listened to nick cave until I understood their importance to you. the boatman’s call or the abattoir blues/the lyre of orpheus (particularly disc two) will always be the albums, which will bring memories of our time together. I have always been fascinated by the ability of music to take us back into the past simply because the memories attached are so strong and important to us. and I think it’s a good thing. that I still remember everything. somebody has to remember.

January 16, 2011