in a cafe or sometimes

good evening, hong kong.

last night we ended up at maria’s again. of course. it was supposed to be just one drink. but you know how it is. we stayed for over four sets. they sung me my cherie amour again. i didn’t even have to request the song, they just did it. this one is for sara the whole bar looked me. the singer leaned on my chair, pressed his face to mine and sung. happiness. what are you doing? stupid question.

during the last set a horribly drunk couple joined us on the stage. they demanded full property of microphones and attention. their voices were fake and not even the experienced voices of the band could save the last couple of minutes. and of course i was the one with whom the drunken guy wanted to dance. i thought, why not, it could be fun. but after third song it just became obvious that he was not going to let me go. i shot couple of really desperate looks to the singer, who almost immediately got my message and nicely stepped between me and the drunk and asked him if he could borrow me for couple of minutes. yes!

for the rest of the night i just kept holding his hand only to finish it at two in the morning with a conversation about psychology, politics, obama, november and the unbearable lightness of being.

i went to bed at four thirty as i spent two hours reading wikipedia’s entry on spanish-american war and philippine declaration of independence. i didn’t even have time to dream; i woke up at six thirty and went to school somewhat happy and lost in thoughts. there are many things we do not realize in our lives.