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national geographic guide to democratic republic of the congo

I am in love with this online shop. 60 things you and I didn’t know about new york city. I really miss that place. and, new york city’s tap water has tiny shrimp in it! what people eat around the world. don’t put your tomatoes in the fridge! I’m learning how to read my shampoo bottle. air pollution killed seven million people in twentytwelve. how to get shit done. hugh jackman on three things you didn’t know about the congo. I’ve been struck with a horrible case of wanderlust. again. I am feeling increasingly boxed in and it annoys me. it’s almost as if I can’t breathe properly. I am in the middle of writing two separate articles and it’s the only thing keeping me afloat.

what does your day look like? this is a typical day of a single mother and farmer. reflection on 21. this resonated with me so much even though I am just barely two years further down the road. but then again it’s not that surprising, because it was really the year of twenty-one that forced me to grow up. expressive espresso is my newest favorite blog to read; beautifully written. new york times’ modern love columns are my favorite from the entire selection; his promise would not be denied blew me away. rwanda is all over the news this week and I am not unaffected. I have been reading the work of philip gourevitch; this letter from the archives stands out. I have also started his book we wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families. it is a difficult read, but a must for anyone interested in the history of the region.

news have also been full with the death of anja niedringhaus. it saddened me when first I read the news; I’ve been watching her work for a long time. but to turn from sad to inspirational: I will be making this banana ice cream and trying out fresh pea hummus. although I am not much of a nail polish person, I’d called up the closest dior store in hong kong to see whether they had nail glow in stock. the boy and I laughed heavily at this: white people and dreadlocks. and last but not least, I want this to be my birthday cake.

what’s been keeping you busy lately?