inspiration, lately

images by marion.

dreaming of paris, listening to french folk music, writing. it has been many years since my last visit but it is the city I hold close to my heart. perhaps one day.

hong kong photographs, incredible photography by peggy wong. her photos made me look at hong kong in a different way.
a place to lay my heart. this made me feel all kinds of things but mostly how much I can relate to it. I am expecting this will be in the next fifteen to twenty years. hopefully.
burn all the liars. an article about frances farmer. it kind of blew my mind.
in defense of wanderlust. as I said, lots of travel writing.
strangers when we meet. a touching piece.
forget your personal tragedy. a letter from hemingway to f. scott telling him he didn’t exactly like his new book. a beautiful letter.
london snippets. just something I’ve been thinking about.
choose your color. one of the most incredible things I’ve looked at in a while.
john banville on samuel beckett’s letters. a piece of monologue.
the thought catalog has kind of become my bible. this, this, this, this, and this. and that. and this one. oh, and this one. and this one.
you are awesome. and other fifty ways how to say it.
something I tried to follow this weekend.

there is much more I have in my folders but I think this will do for now.

happy sunday, friends.

April 29, 2012