inventory | june

Bought raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Played tennis twice in one week. Wrote an entry to an on-going dictionary collection; Stardust. Had breakfast on Sunday with K. In fact, we had two breakfasts: at Coffee room and Café Jen. Spent my first weekend in Prague after two months. Had coffee with B. Slept. Three loads of laundry. Made and brought breakfast and lunch to work four days in a row; new personal record. Cooked broccoli, spinach, asparagus, and chickpeas. My favorite things. Formed a new ritual: daily espresso at the Wine Food Market. Spoke on the phone with the best friend in Bosnia for over an hour. One week until I am back in my birth town. Two days until seaside, again. Started reading Dějiny Světla. Started watching The Wire again. Walked a lot. Had drinks with a friend from elementary; walked home in daylight on a Saturday morning. Booked flights from Zagreb. Booked a second trip to Berlin. Bought a bus ticket to Brno. Escapism. Took hundreds of new images but did not edit the photos from Copenhagen, Berlin or Rome yet. Maybe this month. Spent three days with dad in Prague. Drank gin with mint syrup instead of tonic. Went to the markets and bought fresh produce; carrots, tomatoes, and such. Made a Caprese salad. Ate hummus by the spoon. Tutored English. Wrote. Still writing.