isn’t it pretty to think so?

+ isn’t it pretty to think so? I stumbled across this writer by accident. his writing style captured me from the first sentence. the way I can sometimes relate to many of his words surprises me. I cannot wait for this book to be published.

+ here comes the sun made me think of bono and nia. I have never had a dog of my own but the two were so close to my heart they could have been mine just as well. I still miss them even though it has been many years.

+ london one of the reasons I started looking forward to moving to london at the end of the summer. but then I decided to postpone my plans by a couple of months. I still go back to look at the beautiful photographs.

+ on the train I am looking forward to my european/american trips in near future. traveling by train is one of my favorite things in the world even though so far I’ve only traveled by train once. new york city to washington dc. perhaps, this autumn again.

+ harry potter and the deathly hallows part two soundtrack I am completely obsessed with tracks that contain fragments of lily’s theme. which includes voldemort’s end, snape’s demise and the resurrection stone. beautiful, calm.

+ inspired by linda mccartney I had never been a fan of the beatles, although I do love john lennon. but the beatles have never grown to me. except for a couple of songs (one, two). this series of photographs is beautiful. I don’t like the music of the beatles, but I still admire the fact they had been amazingly photogenic.

+ prague beautiful words from a city that means so much. these words reminded me of those long summer nights spent by the river in kampa park, drinking and eating. birds chirping and children running around. my yellow bike glowing in the dark. and then chestnuts in the fall. I miss prague sometimes more than I thought I do.

July 22, 2011