january 17

today was quiet. today I didn’t go to work.

I woke up late, rested.
I made myself a large mug of black coffee. I am trying to avoid milk.
I am in the process of perfecting scrambled eggs. today’s were with tomatoes, spring onion, baby spinach and baby mozzarella.
I watched television for a couple of hours.
I wrote. I read. I wrote some more. then deleted everything. as always.
I cooked another batch of eggs when I got hungry again.
I washed the dishes.
I took care of the laundry. I love the smell of freshly dry laundry.
I organized some books on the bookshelf. I wanted to throw out some of the huge collection of dvds that I have, but couldn’t bring myself to it. more 400 discs. I might have to compile the entire list and then just give it out to people as they wish.
I went out for a walk around the neighborhood with the boy. he came to pick me up; sun was setting low and it wasn’t as cold as just a few days ago. smallest perfections are the most meaningful ones.
I went grocery shopping with the boy. slow and quiet selection of produce, but I bought the bare minimum that we need. he drank fresh milk from a glass bottle. one of those like in the movies, that you need to return later.
I feel pleasantly tired from all of this nothingness, but it is so relaxing just doing the regular things.

I am sensing a different direction that I will be taking soon.

January 17, 2014