january blues

we found each other in the chaos of the city. your sheep hair wet; mine flying into your face with each blow of the wind but you never seem to mind.
you pretended to sleep on the bus, your head on my chest. I stroked your face softly. we sat in the park in front of my building for hours. you told me about your dog. the one you loved the most; I know because I could tell by the sound of your voice.
you kept repeating something that made my night sleepless. I am here for you. I am here, waiting for you to stop being scared. I am here.
the words echoed in my ears like a soft melody, fading away with each minute that passed. it seems so surreal, unbelievable. I refuse to give in. I cannot give in yet I feel myself slowly disappearing.
january arrived, disturbing the calm surface of our ocean. slowly creeping its way into our lives and soon it’ll be gone. I hope you will stay longer.
I wonder what spring will bring to us.
I wonder why life has decided to bring you in the moment it did.
I wonder.

January 17, 2012