july 28

unknown source.

waking up to a clear blue sky. coffee in bed. a whole hour of lounging around before leaving the apartment. favorite tones on the stereo. the thickness of air as I open the balcony door to invite the new day in. beautiful messages from friends. missed calls. missing mommy in los angeles. wanting/waiting to leave hong kong for a while. making plans with friends half way across the globe. finding forrester. reading lists. making notes on various subjects. listening to yale university lectures on the american civil war and post-war reconstruction area. look in the archives of academic earth if you’re interested in educating yourself. I also recommend the introductory lectures on ancient greece. but only if you get kicks out of studying history.

the daily writing routine is beginning to show as beneficial. my days are long but somehow the time flies by at such speed most of the time I am not entirely sure what day it is. because it only feels like tuesday. looking forward to a walk this evening and some time in librairie parentheses. maybe a dinner with a friend and a couple of drinks. tomorrow is already friday. nine days until I am home.

how is your day?

July 28, 2011