july 5

long weekend was delightful. we celebrated hong kong and canadian day on the peel street. hat boy came to see me. I finally admitted to him what happened to his hat. I threw up in it in the taxi on my birthday after ten double jagger shots. filmmaker bought most of them. it was my birthday hat! he shrieked. I laughed at that and said, yeah, and then it became my birthday hat. he looked at me carefully. we’ve come full circle, he added and then he hugged me. it made me think that friendships are not what I have been thinking. friendships are not to be defined. so I am not going to. not anymore.

and then there was janis. the other janis. it is perhaps the best compliment I have ever gotten from anyone. you remind me of janis joplin, she said. an older woman, young at heart. ahoj! tak co? she was teaching me. a hippie with long dreadlocks and a passion for india. chain-smoking rolled cherry cigarettes. I can’t remember whether it was my mouth or my heart laughing. it was friday and it was a beautiful night. friends came from all over the world. and somewhere around midnight I received an email from london. it was like everything turned around in a single night.

I was surrounded by canadians, french-canadians, french, italians, filipinos, indians, chinese, hong kong chinese, taiwanese, malaysians and all accents of english. and my friends from togo. I didn’t actually see them, but I heard the music. every time somebody opened the door of makumba to go inside or out I heard the conga drums that remind me of childhood more than anything else. it is the sound that has stayed with me this whole time. just like the yellow bike. remember I told you about it?

and then our dinner with friends on the roof somewhere in pok fu lam. delicious dinner. asparagus with mediterranean mussels baked in a tomato sauce continued with a rich vegetable salad and steamed fish filet. lots of red wine and stories. there was a hint of sentiment in the air because everyone was reminded of what it used to be like before. before, a long time ago. before 1997 and before 1991. for each person there is always that one year that changed everything. day by day nothing changes, but sooner or later everything is completely different.

and prince edward boy is back town. again. but this time it’s different. this time we’re sitting in a comfortable silence in a soho bar, listening to rain, thinking of japan. looking down from my balcony and sharing a blanket. I have no idea where we are headed but it doesn’t matter. one thing I know for sure; I will be taking the tram a little bit more often. while I still can. my days in hong kong are officially numbered now. it feels good but it is also a little scary. it’s good to see him. to have him back. each time I feel a little less disconnected and more like I belong somewhere.

but what do I know?

July 5, 2011