july twenty two

friday. this week went by in nothingness. it went by in sleep. I spent tree days in bed with a range of headaches. from cluster headaches to aching teeth and cheeks to occasional lightning storms inside my head. sleep was the only thing that helped. and reading. I started and finished reading four books. the perks of being a wallflower was a touching book, except it reminded me of someone who doesn’t need to be remembered anymore. I am glad I cannot recall certain things at the moment but I am not going to apologize for anything because deep down I know I meant everything that I said. a circle doesn’t have a beginning and this is how things are always going to be. I re-read the deathly hallows and the half blood prince over the course of two days. it made for an easy but refreshing reading because I have basically forgotten everything. perhaps, tonight it would be the perfect time to watch second part again. and then susan sontag’s journals. I could never get tired of her words. filmmaker and I spent some time in central library and in the surrounding area; drinking bottomless cups of coffee and reading books on prostitution. north korean propaganda post cards. chinese history. changing maps and demographics. I am not sure why it was so interesting and relevant. I am relieved it’s the end of the week.

July 22, 2011