june 23

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this week I started a different job with a marketing+publishing company called fluid. I am very happy here. people are incredibly supportive and inspiring. it’s been a while since I’ve met so many creatively motivated people at the same time, in the same location. the effect of this has become evident through my frequent posting. currently I am working with the foodie magazine, which has me looking at pictures of food and researching new restaurants in hong kong all day long. the result of this: I am eating constantly and I am always hungry. in my spare time I go through brian’s blue hour. I started from the beginning. I have found many inspirational things and will share them with you very soon. (the way it looks right now, enjoythewait is about to become a food blog. but then again, it would make sense. notice the new category.)

the week is coming to an end, time to start thinking about the weekend.