just a few words before I figure out my life

I don’t know if it’s because the month of february is particularly short, but this month seems to have completely slipped away from me. everything happened too fast. at the end of january, I signed a lease for our first apartment. there were three weeks left before we could move in and those days were just a blur. nothing was certain, everything was chaotic and hasty. days have been cold and the weather does not seem to be shifting anywhere closer to spring. I’m honestly ready for the winter to end.

I fell sick on thursday night and spent the entire friday in bed, watching television and eating takeout pizza. in my own apartment, while the boy made me teas and hot lemon remedies and put cold wraps on my feet to stop me from burning up. being sick is not something I wish for, but yesterday was a bit of perfection.

we are slowly working on piecing our little nook together. I brought over some books, clothes and my favorite floor lamp. I barely ever use the overhead light and prefer the cozy feeling that is created by a corner floor lamp. we haven’t decided on a sofa yet and most of the living space is still empty. but that’s okay. it’s ours and that’s all that matters. I have neglected all my other projects I had planned, but I will return to them soon. life, lately has been difficult to document, but the material is not lacking for once. lately, everything has felt confusing and different. because everything is confusing and different.

my daily routines are the same, yet so unfamiliar. it’ll take some time getting used to.

February 22, 2014