leslie anne levine

the thing is, sometimes you don’t need much. sometimes you work hard, you don’t sleep much, you write, you listen to good music, you read interesting books, study the history, a new language, you meet new people, you get to know them, you fall for them, sometimes they fall for you too, but other times you just end up hating each other. and that’s fine. you move on.

things are good. i am busy. too busy. i fall asleep between three and four in the morning i wake up six to begin studying. i drink my coffee without milk, without sugar it should be bitter but it’s not. i guess i got used to to the bitterness of life. or not. re-reading beloved made me realize that there is nothing more powerful than the power of language, of word choice, pauses, metaphors, symbolism. there is nothing more powerful than that. one day i would like to be half as good as toni morrison. i’ve been idealizing a lot lately.

i am in the middle of my exam week. four to go, twenty four days to go. then i will be even busier. i am looking forward to this summer and i am planning on writing a little bit more again. my fingers are restless.

happy june.