Lessons of Late


There’s more.

Do what feels right. Listen to your heart, your gut, your instincts. They are not wrong. The Brain tends to overcomplicate decisions.

Take care of yourself. Eat well, sleep as much as you can, listen to your favorite music. Do a digital detox; for an evening or a week. Exercise. Make love. Whatever feels good.

Show up. Do your part. Keep your word and don’t break promises. Finish what you’ve been working on. Get shit done.

Be kind. Be nice to strangers. Say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’.  When you ask people ‘how are you?’, mean it. Be genuinely curious. Small gestures for great relationships; with coworkers, employers, parents, family, close friends, your mentor, your other half. The more you give, the more you will have.

“Take care of your heart, build a wall around it. You know?” – TH