life, lately


heart-shaped espresso at bobby’s place / the best gin and tonic in town / rat alley on a friday night / walking around yau ma tei on a warm summer evening

life has been good lately.

+ bobby’s le moment became a nightly ritual over the past few weeks. he specializes in wine and coffee, which kind of makes it my haven. the boy and I have been going there quite regularly lately. we miss the old makumba sometimes. peel street has become a no man’s land.

+ dinner at rat alley is another of our rituals. vietnamese/thai restaurant moi suits us. outdoor seating and favorite food. last week’s conversation will stay in my mind for a long time. never before have I been sure of something so much. it isn’t about proving anyone wrong anymore. just living and breathing the way we always do.

+ we’ve been spending a lot of time at yardbird lately. the best drinks, the best crew. and his cousin is just hilarious.

+ lantau island is the perfect away-from-the-city vacation. I wish we did it more often.

+ last week I ordered shoes for the boy from zalora hong kong. zalora is perfect for me. online shopping, affordable, quick and friendly service. my order arrived within a week to my doorstep. and the boy is happy with his shoes. I will definitely become one of their regular customers.

+ the boy has been showing me new music almost every day. a couple of items on my repeat playlist: one, two, three. they are such lift me up songs. essential to summer.

as I said, life has been good lately.

July 13, 2013