life’s small pleasures

things that made me happy in the last few days.

+ high school performance on a professional level of amadeus at west island school. I am in love with Salieri. I am going to watch the film in the next couple of days. and hopefully see some more of the actors in near future.

+ club Soiree in SoHo. it’s kind of time to move on from the places where I was hanging out during the past year. stevie wonder is present in other places, too.

+ the new album of kings of convenience.

+ mad men season one. I think it may be my favorite show of this year. they are Boston Legal of the 60s.

+ listening to the girl from ipanema while driving in a car and drinking coffee on a sunday morning — with the most unlikely person. and having a meaningful conversation over a few glasses of merlot and eating kebab at midnight.

+ unexpected coffees and conversations about italian food with another friend.

+ walking home on a busy street with subsiding headache. hopefully they won’t return anymore this year.