liquor store blues


find ten differences. 9 march / this morning. instagram.

things I am trying to be grateful for this week:

+ a very loving family and very loving boy. perhaps, too much.
+ morning coffees and those few minutes of walking before work.
+ occasional rays of sunshine; blue mornings before they turn into grayness and pollution.
+ chocolate. oh, I am grateful for chocolate this week. you’re the best.
+ the fact that the cycle seems to be returning back to normal. or so it seems.
+ one new project that is shaping up in my head. it’s quite big, and will take time to finish, but I am sure I can do it.
+ this song and its video. also on this playlist I’d made for this month.
+ the best chicken kebab in town from beyrouth cafe.
+ his hugs. always his hugs.

it’s a little hard, but I am trying. I am really trying.

March 14, 2013