lost in progress

Charlotte: I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be, you know. I tried being a writer, but I hate what I write.
Bob: You’ll figure that out. I’m not worried about you. Keep writing.
Charlotte: But I’m so mean.
Bob: Mean’s okay.

– sofia coppola’s lost in translation, 2003.

so I’m staying home tonight. with a cup of chai tea and the social network soundtrack. trying to develop my own film into something substantial. tonight I’m being mean. the characters hate each other but cannot go through life without one another. a mix of cultures and opinions. it wasn’t supposed to be political but I’m thinking that’s how it’s going to end. drug addictions and one night stands. that kind of thing. there’s an element of everything I have ever been exposed to, I’m trying to put it all down. but in a way, writing this film is more about understanding myself and finishing a piece of work, rather than creating something awesome. at the end, it might be. but right now, I’m not so concerned about it. I’m just writing. writing, writing, writing. I’m expecting it to be five in the morning the next time I look at the time.

November 30, 2010