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20150603 - life lately

hong kong: as perfect as it get possibly get.

the rains have stopped, gracefully. on sunday I finished work earlier than usually and went over to my parents’ place for dinner. homemade vegetable soup; something I’d missed for a while. it used to be strange going back there after I moved out, but now it feels just like going back home. even though we are only a couple of blocks and a metro station away. the weather was gorgeous, which only magnified the beauty of the living room view. we chatted, drank red wine from mason jars. it was a pleasant refreshment to the usual daily routine of going to and from work.

I had a mental list of things I wanted to write about, but half of them disappeared. after the long weekend, I am attempting to collect my thoughts. get back on the track. I have no plans for the summer, but I want to make the most of it. no more bad summers, I cannot handle them anymore. I am focused on documenting my daily life, obsessed almost. I am trying to focus on the beauty around me.

things I am grateful for this week:

+ gorgeous, blue skies. it rained for the majority of may and seeing the sky open up and the sun push against my shoulders feels amazing.
+ peaceful nights at home with the boy, cuddled up together, pints of ice cream and hours of netflix.
+ discovering and paying more attention to kaysha’s music.
+ my morning routine of grapefruit juice on the train.
+ last week’s outbreak out of my atopic dermatitis is subsiding slowly. oh, I hate it.
+ still being best friends with first love. talking to him always feels great, no matter how much time passes.

it feels so good to write these down. you should give it a try.

June 2, 2014