march 26


hong kong island. shot from 62th floor of the immigration tower.

today is cold, dreary and grey. it’s dark and gloomy and I am trying to stay focused on my work, even though the only thing I would like to do right now is cuddle up with the boy, put on a good film or music and drift in and out sleep. transition from winter into summer is the worst. there is not much of winter or spring in hong kong to speak of; the period until real summer arrives is the worst.

a few of my sources of inspiration for today and this week in general:

+ a homemade strawberry & banana smoothie with the perfect cup of coffee for breakfast this morning. I am trying to make a smoothie every morning now. it takes five minutes, it’s delicious and healthy. I am definitely going to try some of these.

+ I am watching this video over and over again. just fight away the blues.

+ this sentence: “i sit across the street from the house i grew up in. but the place i grew up in doesn’t live there anymore.” from habit by tara.

+ global glimpses by my muse anja mutic. if somebody asks me, what would I want my life to be like, it’s her life.

+ reading an article about work/life balance kind of puts things into perspective.

+ these images by julia trotti. I have two photography book projects on my mind. more of work in progress, really. I am collecting images, taking notes, preparing a timeline for the next few months. I want to travel more and I want to make money by traveling. I found this helpful as well: advice on branding

+ I feel you, Brian. I feel you.

+ everydayafrica instagram feed. one day, one day. and soon, too.

+ two posts from two different bloggers from india. here and here.

+ zadie smith’s 10 rules of writing. I simply love her.

+ chinua achebe’s death broke my heart. he was one of my favorite authors and inspirations. I am revisiting his things fall apart and planning to read the rest of his books soon. I never got around to it and it’s sad that he needed to die first in order for me to remember.

+ last night we finally had some time to ourselves, without interruptions. two hundred dollars were nothing in comparison. mong kok was quiet and deserted due to a tiny rain. we had the streets to ourselves. walking around, holding hands, laughing so hard there was an echo behind us. he found his favorite bottle of heineken, it’s a growing collection now. one of my favorite nights in a while.

+ good luck with the picture. I absolutely adore sean penn. even more now.

+ and finally some good news.

March 26, 2013