march in a list


I feel as thought as weight has been lifted off me, ever since I finished mindful mondays. curated, weekly posts are not for me. 52 weeks failed after six, but I am keeping the images in a folder and they will come alive at some point. just not yet. I am returning to my simplicity, to spontaneous words and quiet contemplations. writing a series of weekly posts makes me uncomfortable. I thought of another three or four themes, but I rejected all the ideas already. balance is something else. balance is this:

things I enjoyed this month

+ the feeling of paying my first rent. on time, and with great satisfaction. 37 days in a new home and counting.
+ coffees with the boy. sometimes in the morning, sometimes he walks with me to work and we drink our cups on the roof of ifc before my shift. sometimes he comes unannounced in the middle of the afternoon with a coffee in hand for me. early morning, late afternoon, any time of the day. cappuccino, hot chocolate. mine and his, always.
+ quiet movie nights at home. we’d watched too many films to count lately. oh and the godfather last night again.
+ a new ritual of daily fresh squeezed grapefruit juice on the way to work. I found a cheaper version of the same quality and I am keeping it without skipping a day. sometimes, I crave a second bottle in the afternoon. it really gives me an energy boost like nothing else.
+ Her; beautiful film, cinematography, soundtrack. in a way, it reminded me of A Single Man. hilarious, thought-provoking, astonishing. a definite recommendation.
+ the slow transition between winter and spring. hong kong is well on the way to experience its first heat waves, which I am not looking forward to. but currently, the blue skies, temperature in the low twenties (*Celsius),  morning breeze and freshness in the air. loving it.

things I did not enjoy this month

+ another outbreak of my atopic dermatitis. I am thinking of writing a post about this problem of mine, inspired by Boo. [czech only] mine is not as extreme as hers, but we are using all the same products.
+ unnecessary spending and wasting of money. I have become such a conscious spender; it is ridiculous. almost like a change in personality. I kind of appreciate it, but at the same time, it doesn’t exactly allow me to enjoy myself.
+ daily routine. it is becoming a little bit too much and I am looking for a change.

March 27, 2014