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I love this photograph.

it has so many effects on me. I stare at it. I look at it. I cannot draw my eyes away. the vibrant colors, the texture. the red of the beans. her hands. they are so rough, yet they look like hands of a mother. even though I am not sure if she is a mother.

it’s not because it has something to do with congo. or because I am always researching and frantically reading the UN news. it’s not all because of that. sometimes I can just relate to the people and their culture the way I never thought I would, despite all the negative. and there’s a whole lot of negative. but then come the good news, and we ease up a little bit. of course, we cannot know what is going to happen. perhaps, march 23 of next year will show. but until then, I am looking at beautiful images from the region. listening to remarkable music and putting all the bad aside.

I am simply trying to see the beauty I know is there. or maybe it’s because I was just too young to know back then, so I am trying to make up for something. that doesn’t make sense, really, even though it did cross my mind and it’s more than upsetting.

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