maybe it’s time

I need a break. from this crazy life I have been living in the last month and a half. today I spent the whole day at home. haven’t talked to anyone, maybe there’d been a couple of texts and emails but I kindly explained to everyone that tonight I am not going out. or in the next few days. today I spent the entire day with all of my university applications, I’ve decided on my beijing course and I’m trying to find a good number of universities in england. I’m definitely not going to australia. a few months ago I thought maybe I could, but nothing attracts me to go there. at least, now I don’t have to feel bad about it. it’s always been united states, and politics and the glory of the district of columbia. I can’t help myself but I also don’t want to get ahead of myself. results come out in five days, it’ll be an amazing smack in the face. or maybe not. prior the final exams I really had worked hard. so that’s it. I’m spending time at home, with cups of tea, films and books enjoying the excessive amounts of home cooked food.

however, it has come to my attention that prince edward boy is back in town. maybe it’s time we met.

January 3, 2011