memories from the peel street

somewhere in between the rain and sleepless nights I forgot to write. too much has been happening. supposedly a typhoon is headed our way but so far it’s only been annoying drizzle and sometimes red rain. having started a different job this week, I have less time for everything. working hours are leaving me incapable of any further thought processing at the end of the day. the only fortunate thing? soho is walking distance now.

last night filmmaker and I sat in front of soiree, a place I haven’t been to since that night. how did they know? but now that I am back in touch with the columbian it wasn’t such a burden anymore to be there. we tasted wine, listened to jazz and endulged in the moment. le moment. it was raining hard but I like watching the rain. the hazelnut boy did not approve of me getting soaked. he said, don’t dance rain in the rain, you will get sick. my insides shrank. at the end of the night I told him to let me go. because you don’t let me dance in the rain. because you don’t let me do what I want.

it was a beautiful night that ended in a heartbreak. but I am not going to apologize anymore.

June 22, 2011