Memories of January


There were a couple of messages for me this morning; all of them from Africa. My heart ached. I left them unread. I left everything as it was. Yet everything still changes. I follow my intuition on the good days. The rest is just a mess of impulses that can strike at any time. I’m riding the wave that is life with all I have.

This morning I woke up with a terrible feeling that settled into my chest and refused to let go. That perhaps it isn’t enough. That perhaps there is more of what I can do. And the truth is, there is. But right now, it is all I have.

The first week went by quickly. Central, early morning. Not even nine o’clock and I am already stepping out to Des Voeux Road. Not that I have to, but I am wired and high; ecstatic for each new day. And when it’s sunny and blue, I am really happy inside out. It’s not something that you would hear me say a lot. Without a routine, I function freely. Day-to-day I make plans and lose myself in my imagination. Sometimes I take it too far and it’s difficult to tell where the line is. But those days are scarce. There are so many things I want to do.

Club 71 is the only place we frequent. If at all.  That one mid-week surprise outing to the cinema saw us there again. Clouds of Sils Maria awakened my European senses, but I wasn’t homesick afterwards. It’s hard to believe that she is fifty. And for the time I thought I could relate to Stewart. Apart from seeing this one film, I am keeping to my steady diet of American crime television shows. After a long day, a little bit of humor between Steve and Danny is all I can handle. It is horrifying as much as it is sad but looking at Hawaii fills me with positivity.

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