mindful mondays, eleven


last week saw some of the most beautiful views from our living room / and sunsets; oh, they were glorious! / mid-week breakfast / rains are beginning to find their way back into the city, but they’re welcome

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monday, again. I am a little bit nervous and on edge. I am behind on my schedule, the list of things just keep piling up on my shoulders, but I seem to be stuck on something completely irrelevant and cannot move on to other things. I started seriously researching the topic of mastering productivity. because it is clearly something I am not very good at. it agners me because of all these ideas that I have, but that never get realized because I don’t know how to organize myself. it’s frustrating and I am tired of this trait. it’s something that needs to change first.

last week I forgot how to stop and focus on beauty and simplicity around me. I recklessly captured life around me, but didn’t stop. to breathe, to focus. days went by and everything seemed the same. hong kong feels increasingly smaller and smaller. boredom would not exactly be the right word to use, but it’s close enough. I need new images, new faces, new everything. just for a little bit. to shake up the routine and monotony of daily life. it used to be that watching films and reading novels was enough to take me someplace else. but now I want to experience everything. I don’t want to just dream anymore. I want to live my dreams. I don’t want any more of wishful thinking.

being content with your life is much harder than it seems.

June 10, 2013