mindful mondays, fifty-two


I had never expected or thought that I would actually finish all fifty-two weeks of this so-called project. I have no idea what this is. a series of timed posts in hopes of establishing a writing routine, discipline, something. in terms of that goal, mindful mondays have shamelessly failed. I rarely wrote the posts on monday and there was no continuity between them. I don’t know. but I am here. at week fifty-two. writing the final post, because I don’t intend to continue into a second year. there is no reason for me to, really. I have other projects on my mind and a rather extensive list of deadlines, which need to be completed. I am trying to develop or figure out a daily schedule, in which I would have enough time for my full-time job, freelance projects, possibly another website, a hong kong guidebook, which I am working on, photography sessions and the occasional physical activities (yoga! tennis! you naughty mind.) it’s proving to be almost impossible.

but I am trying. I am making the ends meet and not only that, but they are also beginning to make sense. we celebrated the first month in our new apartment quietly. it is surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. there is a healthy balance between time together, time alone and things that need to be done and things that can wait. there is no pressure anywhere and all is going with the flow. I am grateful for this. the past month has brought changes, definitely. a new home neighborhood, a new work neighborhood. new friends and colleagues; new acquaintances. new films and new music. everything that I have been wanting and needing. as much as my routine is monotone and identical from day-to-day, there are handful of things that make me happy, that keep me afloat and inspired.

so much for mindfulness.

March 25, 2014