mindful mondays, five

images from the past week:
the sunniest two days of this month / irish coffee, a pack of smokes, and a great book is my idea of a perfect afternoon / one early morning in central / three palms in kowloon city / how I start my mornings these days

on monday, I turned twenty two. there was no time for reflection. or any kind of celebration. it was a simple, easy day and I liked it that way. one of my high school friends happened to have performed the night before; an amazing show of magic, or as he called it, an evening of magic. in a way, I considered that as my birthday present and the lunch we had the following afternoon kind of sealed it. no cake, no yelling, no drama. the boy came in the evening, long after I was well fed and full with incredible mussels and chicken with spinach. simplicity was all I needed. and that perfect glass of white wine that I enjoyed while the sun was still out. chilly afternoon, SoHo, people chatting. I was more than content; turning twenty two seemed less of a big deal than I’d been thinking this whole time. maybe I’d been taking things too seriously lately. maybe.

four birthdays in april, and that’s just immediate family members. but we just simply let the days pass without enjoying them. without noticing, without taking time to notice. to stop, and to breathe. because no matter how overwhelming everything seems to be sometimes, everything is going to be alright. I wish I had more patience, I wish I had more endurance.

another week, another of this.

April 29, 2013