mindful mondays, forty-eight

notes on our first home

I love the size of the space. it is small, but still spacious and definitely enough for the both of us.

I miss having a washing machine; the smell of our laundry was particular and it smelled like home. always like home. laundrymats do not do it justice.

our hot water is moody, I am never sure when it’s going to run out. it doesn’t bother me. in the morning, I am ready twenty minutes earlier than before.

our bedroom faces shanghai street, which is constantly busy and noisy. sometimes I awake to the roaring sounds of the bus. it makes me remember that I live in the city.

the main reason we took the place was because of the sliding door, which divide the living from the bedroom. It’s perfect.

I am close to work. I am even closer to my parents’ home. I like that.

there is a park across the road from our building and as soon as it gets a little bit warmer, we plan on drinking our coffees there.

we are slowly filling up the space with our favorite items; coffee mugs, floor lamps, tea lights, a Bob Marley poster. it is far from complete, but it is ours.

so far, so good. in fact, we love it.

February 24, 2014