mindful mondays, forty-four

a few things from this week:

reading rules of the wild: a novel of africa. I swallowed the book as a whole; couldn’t stop reading. from the beginning until the end, I was just immersed into it. I know exactly the way she feels and yet I don’t.

lots of time in the cinema: saving mr. banks, the butler, mandela: long walk to freedom, hours, jack ryan: shadow recruit, from vegas to macau. I am waiting for the oscar special previews to start. there will be more evenings in the cinema than ever before.

loving the newest starbucks concoction: chestnut macchiato. yes, please.

keeping in touch with my family overseas. being good friends with his little sister. writing down lists of names and places; favorite things and places we hadn’t been to yet. we are drowning in potential and it’s only now we are realizing it.

January 27, 2014