mindful mondays, six


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another monday. ever since I started writing mindful mondays, they seem to come around much faster than before. I still haven’t figured out the purpose for this little project, even though I am well into week six. which is strange. but I think it’s about setting the tone for the week, maybe making some mind notes and goals. nothing revolutionary, just a nicer way to start the week. I could also be complaining that it’s monday again, but I am not. I try not to complain these days.

lots of improvements in life are needed. the boy and I are trying to work on our issues. I am trying to work harder on my writing. learn new words and polish my grammar; every day. I read a little for half an hour every day. it really does help. it inspires me in ways I’d long forgotten.

this week I’d like to finish unfinished projects, eat only healthy food, write in my journal more, take images. I sense a couple of changes ahead and some of them will mean great adjustments. but that’s okay. we’ve been talking about it for so long, we must have known at some point it will finally come.

happy cinco de mayo, friends!

May 6, 2013