mindful mondays, ten

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it’s saturday. I forgot to post this week’s mindful mondays. the last couple of days have been busy. mostly because life is very out of the regular routine with mama sanja being away. I worked late nights and early mornings this week, which disturbed my sleeping pattern. I slept very little in the last few days. I drank too much coffee and we ate at mama africa four times this week. always the same dish; semolina with chicken in a sauce that, even after two years of eating it, I still don’t know what it’s made of. it’s delicious. we like our traditions. we like the time we spend together.

a few things on my mind this week:

+ floods in prague. I am following the news and keeping in touch with everyone. it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but still.
+ spilled milk is such a lovely collaboration. I am dreaming of my own.
+ bleubird’s 52 weeks project is my favorite. incredible portraits. every single time I feel like she entirely captures the personalities of her children.
+ this made me think of my huge collection of seashells I used to have a child. I collected them for years, sometimes I spent my evenings selling them in the town centre. this summer I want to collect them again.
+ I need to go to mido cafe.
+ I cannot wait to watch before midnight. the previous two are my favorite films. oh, the dialogues! (hong kong’s release date set to september 2013. godfuckingdamnit.)

this weekend allows for no time off, but that’s okay. we stil manage.

June 8, 2013