mindful mondays, thirty-eight

image by saratomovic

happy holidays, friends.

christmas is less than two weeks away, although I am missing out on the holiday spirit entirely. we stopped celebrating christmas when we first moved to hong kong; the entire evening has been minimized to a simple family dinner at home. no tree, no presents. just a good time. which is something I am looking forward to as soon as the pressure from work subsides.

I’m completing the last of the unfinished work, trying to get everything done before the new year. I don’t want to carry over anything old into the new. I’m thinking of a project I could give myself to focus on; something photographic, something journalistic. there are many stories hidden within me and it’s time to let them out.

monday is cold; it dropped to freezing thirteen degrees today. hong kong is not used to it and the city feels deserted. we are starting to build on something new; something different.

December 16, 2013