mindful mondays, thirty-five


the world has been slightly upside down lately.

words and writing have been difficult. my thoughts dry up before I have the chance, the quiet moment to note them down. and when the time does come, I feel drained and exhausted. not capable of anything creative. my writing has been reduced to instant messages, drunken emails written in the dead of the night, pouring my soul out. fortunately, I am always sane enough never to address the person the words are addressed to. I don’t know. I have had enough of heartbreaks, ups and downs and the constant lack of feeling content. I have had enough.

I’m in search of positivism and good things. I haven’t written one for a long time, so here it is.

things I’m grateful for this week:

+ beautiful, blue skies. the crisp and cool air when I open the balcony door first in the morning.
+ coffee; I’m always grateful for coffee, because it makes life easier. even the cheapest coffee tastes nice. one day I will try a cup of marley coffee goodness and I cannot wait.
+ seeing three high school friends at the same time over a couple of drinks. there were laughs, and jokes, and high-fives, and ridiculous words and funny things. it was good to see them, and I already miss that.
+ for that moment when you pick up a random book at the bookshop; you start reading and you get completely immersed in it. I’d always had a completely wrong idea about empress dowager cixi and there’s something about the chinese history that I just love. going back this week to buy the book.
+ little black dresses.

November 25, 2013