mindful mondays, thirty-nine


life is slowly beginning to come together. I feel as if I am swimming against the stream, against what everybody is telling me. but I find myself constantly looking in a different direction, always looking for other options. every day I spend some time researching all my possibilities out there; things I could do, things I would like to do. for a long time, I just waited and put up with the status quo, accepted compromises and lived a half-life. an opportunity arose a few weeks ago and I pursued it. I took a leap. at first, it seemed almost impossible; a little bit like a joke that I was playing on myself.

but now there is something tangible in front of me; something I can touch and show and feel. because it’s happening and the timing could not be better. I want to do something that I feel is right for me. something I want to do. I am finished with compromising and doing things with half the heart in it.

I have began working on three different projects for the upcoming year as well as two separate writing bodies of work. it’ll be tough; with the full-time job, with the upcoming changes. but this is what I want to do. write and document. so it’s going to be like that.

happy holidays, friends.

December 23, 2013