mindful mondays, thirty-seven


the boy; a couple of weeks ago. it was my day off. we spent the day walking around in the sunshine, drinking hot mocha coffee and taking pictures.

december days

+ lots of sunshine; many consecutive sunny days with blue, cloudless skies. on days like those, I took images whenever I was outside, like crazy.
+ we keep in touch, the other one and I. we keep track of each other, but I don’t know if it’s making our lives easier. it seems so wrong to give him this label, to belittle him into such a negative term. and it’s not even true.
+ countless bowls of chicken pho and lemongrass beef rolls. noodles are finally accepted as a food group in the boy’s book and I am proud.
+ we have both been fighting a cold for the past week or so. it needs stop.
+ I managed to watch two seasons of scandal in one day.
+ I started writing and then I stopped. again. the vicious cycle.

December 9, 2013