mindful mondays, thirty-two

+ we saw a couple of beautiful, sunny days with clear blue skies. I am missing them now.
+ super typhoon haiyan has taken over the southest asia, especially the philippines, and we feel it as well.
+ the boy and I spent a lot of nights in the cinema. I am still collecting the ticket stubs; one day I will be greatful that I still have them.
+ I drink less coffee. I drink less altogether.
+ I don’t sleep enough. in fact, I sleep three hours a night on average, which with the lack of coffee is an amazing fact.
+ I could eat at mama africa five times a week. and we do.
+ my entire world shattered before my eyes the other night, when I decided to sneak in where I should have not. but it was nothing new. the only question now is, where is the limit and how much is too much?
+ separation anxiety is taking a hold of us and the days are getting shorter now.

November 4, 2013